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celebrating NYC'S FINEST

First responders occupy a special place 
in Steven Matz's heart. It has become the 
mission of his program, TRU32 , to say thank you to as many NYPD, FDNY, US Military and first responders as he can. At each TRU32 Mets game, 32 American heroes are invited to meet Steven and enjoy the game with a guest. In addition to raising awareness for the sacrifices these brave men and women make each day, the TRU32 program is also funding scholarships for the children of first responders who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

A native New Yorker, Steven still pinches himself when he 

realizes he gets to live  his dream and pitch for his favorite 

childhood team, the NY Mets.  Despite the strong following 

he has in his home state, Steven maintains that the brave 

men and women who protect us all on a daily basis are the TRU HEROES.  It is  the mission of his program, TRU32, to show gratitude to as many of these heroes  as possible. 

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