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On occasion, Brad and his teammates make visits to Luke Air Force Base in Surprise, AZ, in an effort to show support and give thanks to those serving. He and the Marlins also take the opportunity afforded to them by playing several games a year in San Diego by taking trips out to Naval Base Coronado. Brad has personally developed relationships with Navy Seals based and training there, and provided them with tickets, meals, entertainment and footwear for their workouts from his New Balance sponsorship.
Brad realizes how blessed he was to have two living parents support him through his youth and ultimately be at his side as he achieved his goals of graduating college and later, becoming a Major League pitcher. With several members of the Military in his family, he has always understood and respected the ultimate sacrifice facing members of our Armed Forces and their families. Brad's appreciation of his own parents and his dedication to assisting kids most in-need triggered the idea of funding scholarships for a few such young people who wish to continue their education but might otherwise be hindered financially by having lost a parent who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country.
With this in mind, PFP has embarked on an annual partnership with the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund to offer assistance to select high school seniors who have lost a parent in military service. In 2012-2016, PFP has donated tens of thousands of dollars to help fund such scholarships!
Brad's wife, Kristen, also assists with this aspect of the PFP program. She has personally attended baby showers co-hosted with Operation Showers of Appreciation in the Phoenix metro area. These showers support military wives who are either pregnant or have recently given birth to newborn babies and whose husbands were either currently or recently deployed overseas. Each woman receives a gift basket filled with such items as a box of diapers, blankets, bottles, baby clothes, shoes, and stuffed animals, as well as a larger items that each woman has selected for their own personal gift registry.

Pastime For Patriots (PFP) is a certified 501(c)3 not-for-profit institution. Pastime engages youth and communities with a number of programs supported by professional baseball players seeking to raise funds and awareness for worthy causes. The Pastime for Patriots initiative, created by retired Miami Marlins' relief pitcher Brad Ziegler, honors servicemen and servicewomen, as well as their families, by offering them opportunities to attend Major League Baseball games. This is a gesture of gratitude for all they do to preserve our liberties.  Pastime also supports expectant mothers with spouses in the military through care packages and baby showers in addition to providing scholarship funding in partnership with the Freedom Alliance.

Our mission is to honor all members of our armed forces and their families for their extreme sacrifice to our country by providing educationally-based financial assistance to military children and family-friendly activities for military members and their families. We are here to ensure that the daily sacrifices of our service members and their loving families are recognized and appreciated.​

The initial program by Pastime With Patriots and Brad Ziegler started in 2009 when Brad began hosting events prior to games and purchasing tickets to bring servicemen and servicewomen to A’s games in Oakland. This was simply an effort to say “thank you” for their sacrifice and provide troops and their families an opportunity enjoy some recreation together. The PFP ticket program was designed to offer our military families the opportunity to get out of the house and temporarily take their mind off their loved ones half-a-world away who are risking their lives every day for our rights and freedoms (while minimizing the expenses of attending a Major League Baseball game).

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